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Towing Portland connects you with preferred towing service and roadside assistance providers in Portland, Oregon and has been doing so for over 9 years. We offer professionally trained tow truck drivers near you, who can provide you with a smile and 24/7 tow services, tire changes, lockout services, and all kinds of other towing assistance.

*Prices vary depending on size of vehicle, time of day, and necessity of a flatbed tow truck or other equipment. 


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Roadside Assistance

When auto troubles happen, you need a trusted company that offers emergency towing and roadside assistance. Trust In the pro’s at Rose City Towing & Recovery!  We’re ready 24 hours a day 7 days a week,  Portland’s premier towing company!

Recovery Services

Portland Towing Service.offers fast responses you can depend on, 24/7 Call anytime, Day or night to request our recovery assistance. We can have a truck to you to most locations in minutes. Stuck in the mud? accident? No problem for our trained and professional crew. Give us a call today! one time is all it takes, ask our many return customers.

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Hear From Our Customers

Quality Tow Truck Services in Portland


Here at Tow Truck Portland/Rose City Towing, we provide a great, affordable towing service and roadside assistant at the best towing rates in the beautiful Portland. We’re here to make sure when you get a tow truck, we’ll ensure you’ll get a awesome tow from one of our professional towing operators! Each tow truck driver near you will be CDL certified and patiently awaiting your call. So when you get a flat tire and don’t have the road side assist skills to replace it with your spare, don’t worry, because your 24 hour tow is here! Maybe you’ve accidentally locked your keys in your car. That’s fine, it happens to everyone at least once. And, well, we’ve got you covered with that too. Maybe you’ve been running on an empty fuel tank and finally ran out gas on the freeway or just before you got home. That’s too bad, but in the case you need to call us up, we’ll be there in a flash with a couple gallons of gas to get you back home.

With excellent customer service and top of the line trucks, why would anyone want to choose a tow truck company other than 24 Hour Towing Portland​? We know we beat out the competition by miles, literally. With several years of towing, jump starting, and assisting in lockouts, it’s hard to project any reason on why you shouldn’t want affordable 24/7 towing company services near you in Portland .

Not only are our tow trucks 24 hrs, they’re high quality rigs, and our truckers are high quality as well. We have not had one incident in where a customer’s vehicle was damaged due to a careless truck drivers, and we’re proud to make that statement. Our drivers are experienced, they know what they are doing. And not to brag, but most of our customers even come back a second time when they find themselves in need of saving. After you experience the levels of expertise in roadside assistance provided by us, you’ll be “Hooked” on our 24 Hr towing services!

Affordable Tow Truck Without Lack of Quality!

Afford a Tow Truck

Towing can be a blessing and a curse, but our service is equipped with a super reliable network of light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty tow trucks available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week!

We offer some of the best towing at the best prices. When it comes to getting the job done right you better bet that we will, it’s our guarantee! We’re not just your average towing company, we can help our customers with a flat tire, empty fuel tank, and other roadside assistance.  You won’t find a better company to tow with once you’ve found this 24 Hour towing in Portland.

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Why Choose Us?


A lot of 24 hr roadside service are careless and rude when you’re trying to get your vehicle some help. But with us you won’t have to worry.  We hire the best, most responsible drivers in Oregon, who will make sure your vehicle is handled with the highest levels of caution, care, and elegance; yes towing can be a beautiful thing. We take care of our cars, so why shouldn’t we do the same for yours? Our towing services will get your car home safely and without any extra damage. 

Affordable Roadside Assistance


We believe the customer is always right. Even about the price. If you have any questions about the cost of a specific service, go ahead and ask! We are very willing to accommodate our fellow people by lowering our prices a tad… But please, don’t take advantage of us, our drivers need to make a living as well!

Remember, we are a 24/7 tow service!

Again, we are always running many deals, so don’t be afraid to ask our driver what may be for offer!  It wouldn’t hurt. And check out our about page for some more information on deals and how we operate.

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1. We are professionals. We put time and care into our work and we make sure it is done correctly. When other towing companies claim they will make it to you on-time that don’t actually do it. But with our expertise and radio dispatch, we know exactly how long it will take to get to you, and we know you’ll be excited when we do.
​2. So if your car broke down or keys got locked in car you know who to call!  If you’d like to read a little bit more about these services, check them out on our professional quality towing services page. And if we don’t offer a service that you need, just ask.  We will give you 110% of our effort to come up with a solution for you! 

3. We use some of the strongest, most reliable towing equipment.  And with a high towing capacity, we know we’re a great pick for you. We will prove it.

4. We go above and beyond when it comes to towing. And we offer more than just cars and trucks.  With our top of the line equipment, we have the ability to tow just about anything whether it be limousines or RV’s! So why are you waiting?  Call today for a free quote!

A Company with Integrity

The 24 hr tow truck machine is here for your all of your towing and road side needs. Our tow truck company doesn’t want to wreck your car more than it already may be. The strength of our towing company is the amount of towing services we provide. Roadside assistance has never been so fast than when you’re working with us. With a fast gas delivery service, or jump starting service, you know you’ll be home in no time!

We also believe that our company contains some of the highest integrity Towing Service. Our tow truck drivers are top-notch, trustworthy tow truckers. So don’t be afraid of a broken down car, call us today and get sent a Tow Truck right away! 

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List of Our Services


Here at 24 Hour Towing  offer a multitude of different roadside assistance and auto Towing services when and wherever you need it. So stick to this page to find out a little bit more about what we can offer to you.  And if you have any questions, head over to our Contact Page.  We’d love to chit-chat with you!

1. Flatbed Towing:
You’ll love the new found local towing service in Portland. We use a flatbed! Through thick and thin, we will be by your side. It doesn’t matter what the issue with your car is. We will tow you ASAP! Did we mention we have a flatbed tow truck? Flatbeds are excellent for luxury vehicles like BMW’s, Mercedes-Benz. 

2. Motorcycle Towing:
Occasionally, automotive towing companies aren’t equipped with the proper towing tools in case someone’s motorcycle needs to be towed.  But after you’ve found this 24 Hour road assistance in Portland, you better believe we can get your bike back home or to the shop and back on it’s feet… I mean tires. In a very efficient, safe manner.

3. Accident Towing:
We hate to hear that you got in an accident, and we hope no harm was done.  If it is just a fender bender, you’ll definitely need your car towed to the shop or back home. Try calling us at 503-505-8416 for a speedy tow truck technician. No matter where you need to go, we will take care of you.  But please, be more careful next time!

4. Tire Change:
Nail in the road? Tires got too worn down and became flat?  Need a tow truck driver equipped with the necessary tools to come save the day for you?  Well you came to the right place!  All of our tow truckers come with floor jacks and a wrench to replace your flat with it’s spare.  And if you don’t have your spare tire handy, give us a ring and let us know. We’ll take care of that right away.

5. Lock Out Service:
Oh no, did you lock your keys in your vehicle again?  Don’t worry, our 24 hr tow service has what it takes to get them out and you back in the driver seat.  Each truck driver is equipped with a toolkit, specially designed to handle lock out service situations. They will get the job done without ruining the exterior, or interior, of your car.

6. Jump Start Your Car / Dead Battery
Dead batteries are quite the hassle. They’re usually one of the most frustrating pieces of equipment to deal with in your vehicle; always dying and never staying charged. It’s a good thing you found us, because our trucks can give you a jump start in no time.  And if that fails, we can get you a new battery right away. Otherwise, we wouldn’t call ourselves a quality towing service.

7. Emergency Fuel Delivery / Out of Gas:
Let your gas tank run on empty for too long?  Well that’s okay, because our drivers will be thrilled to drop off a few gallons of gasoline for you.  Really, it’s no problem at all!

8. Winching and Car Recovery
It’s never a fun place to be when your car runs off the beaten path.  You’re probably wondering, “how the heck am I going to get that back up here?”  Well it’s easy, just call us and we’ll send out one of our expert technicians to get your car back on the street in no time!

P. S. If we don’t offer a roadside services that you need, mention it!  We will give you 110% of our effort to come up with a solution for you!

Best Tow Service in the City


We know towing can be frustrating. Towing companies can ramp up costs of a single tow with hidden fees that you may not expect when selecting their service. We call that “rogue towing”. But when you finally decide to pick up that phone and dial 503-505-8416, you decide that you want some 24 hour tow trucks near me. You decide that you want a fair towing rate, with an upfront estimate of how much the ride might be. We know exactly what it’s like to have your car broken down and not have anyone to call. And that’s exactly why our family came into the business nearly 10 years ago.  We want you to have someone to call.  We want you to have a safe ride home.  We want you to be able to have peace of mind when your car breaks down, knowing someone will be there to save you at the soonest possible time.  So call us today and we can set you on your way back home.

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